Previous discussions (2020-2021)

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A Bricolage Approach to Conducting Trustworthy Qualitative Research (limited release link)Mike Pratt (Boston)
Advancing Theory with Review ArticlesCaroline Gatrell (Liverpool)
John E Prescott (Pittsburgh)
Academic-Practitioner Relationships: Developments, Complexities and OpportunitiesJean Bartunek (Boston)
Approaches to Studying Organizational Phenomena Processually (limited release link)Ann Langley (HEC Montreal)
Better, Not PerfectMax Bazerman (Harvard)
Co-creating Rigorous and Relevant KnowledgeGarima Sharma (Georgia State)
Conducting Rigorous Case Study ResearchKeith Goffin (Cranfield)
Par Ahlstrom (SSE)
Constructing Research QuestionsMats Alvesson (Lund)
Construct ClarityRoy Suddaby (Victoria)
Joep Cornelissen (Erasmus)
Developing Your Academic WritingPatricia Goodson (Texas A&M)
Doing Meaningful ResearchMats Alvesson (Lund)
Doing Research on Grand ChallengesKatharina Dittrich (Warwick)
Ali Gumusay (Hamburg)
Christopher Wickert (VU Amsterdam)
Doing Research Which Moves the World (not recorded)Anne Tsui (Arizona State)
Jennifer Howard-Grevnille (Cambridge)
Peter McKiernan (Strathclyde)
Engaged ScholarAndrew Hoffman (Michigan)
From Theory to Theorizing: Practicing Multiple Styles of TheorizingSanti Furnari (City)
Joep Cornelissen (Erasmus)
Generating Theory by AbductionAndrew Van de Ven (Minnesota)
Alf Steinar Saetre (NTNU)
How to Do Relevant Research – part 1Philip Mirvis (Babson)
Susan Mohrman (USC)
Christopher Worley (Pepperdine)
How to Do Relevant Research – part 2Susan Mohrman (USC)
Christopher Worley (Pepperdine)
John Boudreau (USC)
How to Do Relevant Research – part 3Philip Mirvis (Babson)
Susan Mohrman (USC)
Robert Cross (Babson)
How to Review Papers EffectivelyGloria Barczak (Northeastern)
Abbie Griffin (Utah)
How to Write TheoryJoep Cornelissen (Erasmus)
Impactful Theory: An Oxymoron?Eva Boxenbaum (Copenhagen)
Joel Gehman (George Washington)
Juliane Reinecke (KCL)
Including Practitioners in Co-Creating Desirable FutureGarima Sharma (Georgia State)
Making Theory Contributions in Management ResearchRichard Makadok (Purdue)
Management as a CallingAndrew Hoffman (Michigan)
Meanings of TheoryMats Alvesson (Lund)
Practicing Management ScholarshipRobert Chia (Glasgow)
Qualitative Research and Theory DevelopmentMats Alvesson (Lund)
Reflexive MethodologyMats Alvesson (Lund)
Responding to Reviewers and Writing Response LettersDavide Ravasi (UCL)
Scholarly Impact (not recorded)Herman Aguinis (George Washington)
The Stupidity ParadoxMats Alvesson (Lund)
The Triumph of EmptinessMats Alvesson (Lund)
The Theory Crisis in Management ResearchMatthew Cronin (George Mason)
Theorizing from Qualitative Data – part 1: Case StudiesDavide Ravasi (UCL)
Theorizing from Qualitative Data – part 2: The Gioia MethodologyDavide Ravasi (UCL)
Theorizing from Qualitative Data – part 3: Claiming a Theoretical ContributionDavide Ravasi (UCL)
Why Theory in ManagementRoy Suddaby (Victoria)